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Elsword Kr English Patch NEW!

But I can't promise the upkeep of this English Patch anymore. Playing on KR server for some may go back to the hard days, but I hope you'll be able to soon adjust and there will be others who will help when you are having trouble within the Closers HQ Discord. Welcome to the Unofficial Closers English Translation Project! Think of the. Threads 0 Posts 0. News about Elios. Maintenance & Update. Threads 107 Posts 147. Maintenance Maintenance -. Athena 14 hours ago. Game Updates of Elsword KR. Mun Saturday, 9:03 pm. Threads 33 Posts 377. Game fortnite dance in elsword. Ian Jan 9th 2019. Sep 13, 2018 Elsword KR Balance Patch 9/20: EVERYONE gets PHAT BUFFS!! 400MP Nova Imperator!! Language: English Location: United.

Elsword Kr English Patch - Provide basic overall information and updates regarding most Elsword Sever. -Recommend for all players, new or old-Babel - Korean team which translate KR patches and update along with minor comic - A small repository website dedicated for players to view stats of Ice Burner costumes.

The distinction is that on LostArk [KR] and LostArk [JP], we must purchase an account and risk being banned, whereas on LostArk [RU] and LostArk [NA/EU], we can apply for our own ID. There's even an English patch to go with it. A Russian server, such as [RU] or [NA/EU], is more secure. I recommend this game to everyone looking for an online Action MMORPG game.

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