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Fraps 3.2.2 Build 11496 Retail-[HB] Full Version: How to Record Your PC Screen, Audio, and Gameplay with Ease

If I were to label our CPU Temperatures I would call it a lot of fun, but mostly overbearing. CPU is hard at work 100% of the time, and a fourth generation Core i7 CPU in the mid-400s shows its age no problem. The CPU will stay at full speed all day and will not idle, which is great if youre a power user, but if you want to power down to save energy and save battery then this isnt the kind of platform you are looking for. There are many many ways to lose performance in a CPU that is not the bottleneck, and its not on this motherboard. There are CPUs much stronger than this one.

Fraps 3.2.2 Build 11496 Retail-[HB] full version

If you are a bit of a techno-geek when it comes to system setups, then this chassis is likely to be right up your alley. This motherboard is especially awesome as there are not many setups that you can put in this chassis. There isnt the ability to place four RAM slots in the back, and unless you have two CPU/GPU combos, there isnt much room for an extra GPU. A quiet Mini-ITX build with a bit of a feature set is one of the most fun systems to take apart and put back together, and the Triton 500 has you covered with tons of space and without the need for a cooler. A fairly tough CPU bin, which can be fun to dismantle should also be mentioned here, as it is not the first weve built here, and no one should be afraid to test a new CPU bin.

The chassis is really cool and clean, and it is like you are in an arcade, but when you open it youll probably want to hit it with a hammer. All the cables are very tightly packed and you will need a winch to remove the motherboard from the case. But, the motherboard has been designed to be removed, and all you need to do is unsolder all the HDMI and USB cables, and pull the entire assembly out. In terms of size it actually belongs in a mid-tower, as the cutouts make it much smaller than it actually is. Its is a good thing though, as it provides a lot of extra room for upgraded hardware. If you need to add another GPU, another CPU, or even hard drive storage, all the extra room will allow you to do it. If you remove the top dust filter you can use the case as an open-air case for cooling. This is one of those systems that is unlike a standard build that you would find in a company such as Aorus or Asus. This is one of those cool systems that are fun to open, and very sturdy when its closed.

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