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Redemption 2020 Hot Korean Movie High Quality

In an effort to select some of the best action/martial arts movies of the decade (2011-2020), we came up with 40 we felt were the ones that truly stand out in terms of quality, impact and sheer entertainment they offered. The order of this list could be different of course and the number much bigger, but our effort was towards presenting great films and not cataloguing all of them, always with a focus on diversity in style, themes, origin, and filmmaker

Redemption 2020 Hot Korean Movie

My drama and movie watching arises from my interest in learning languages. After picking up some basic Japanese and Korean in previous years, I wanted to taste Mandarin Chinese and so started teaching myself in December 2019. Accordingly, I switched to mainly watching Chinese movies and dramas this year. My preferred genre is slice-of-life and my all-time favorite dramas and movies are stories of redemption (e.g. My Mister, the Korean version of mother, Kakekomi, the movie of The Beauty Inside). In my experience the Taiwanese dramas I've watched depict a friendly and laid-back country with modern and liberal values, and a more mature understanding of psychology. I started several Chinese dramas this year and dropped them after a few episodes because they were maudlin and contrived, the characters behaved in illogical and exaggerated ways, and romance and sexuality were depicted with akwardness and prudishness. All those years of Communist repression and censorship must have stunted many imaginations. However I found some exceptions which are described below. Not everything I watched, but my favorites and a few that I wasn't so keen on but wanted to describe. 041b061a72

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